Anyone bought into Satisfactory early access?


Hi folks!

Not sure if many of you have heard of Satisfactory, but it’s a multiplayer first-person factory building game. For those familiar with Factorio, it’s akin to a 3d, first-person Factorio.

I’ve bought the early access, which releases on the Epic store tomorrow (3/19), and was wondering if anyone else was also as hyped up about the game as I am?

Satisfactory Website

E3 trailer from 2018

I played on the free alpha weekend they had before early access release and put it up on YouTube. I think the survival sandbox aspect is fairly overplayed genre. The factorio spin isn’t bad but we all know how unpopular fortresscraft evolved is. Satisfactory has a really nice UI. It feels like they took a lot of lessons from subnautica, and one can expect an evolving narrative as you progress through the game.

I don’t like how easy it is to just build up production and processing remotely and ship products… it doesn’t really incentivize building a factory or processing plant locally. There’s no real threat or challenge. Multiplayer server ticks will become a nightmare with big factories and automation, it will be interesting to see how they handle it.

If you are into this kind of game then sure go for it. I also recommend fortress craft evolved.

Nope. They decided to be anti-consumer so I’m staying away.

What do you mean, Greyed?

I think he’s referring to the fact that they’ve signed a 1-year exclusivity deal with Epic Games, so it’s only available on Epic Launcher. A lot of people are furious about this with epic – a few games have announced exclusivity deals recently on the EGL.

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At this point I welcome every realistic challenger to the hegemony of Steam.

Steam’s gone downhill horribly fast the last year or so. Tons of problems, server outages, things not working, the download speeds are pretty much gone, constant authentication disconnects so you can’t even play games or get kicked out, changes made to chat that are incredibly annoying and only weeks later they add options to disable things… It’s certainly not what it used to be.

If this can kick Steam in the balls and make them pay attention again, I’m all for it.

Just this.

For all the problems that anyone has with Steam at least they aren’t anti-consumer. They might fumble, but at no time has Valve ever told a developer they had to publish only on Steam and nowhere else. GoG, Itch, Gamersgate, all have sold games which are also on Steam.

Epic comes along and within the span of 2 months has locked down several titles to their store exclusively, quite a few of them pulling promised Steam and GoG weeks before their release. This means they advertised a Steam release, were advertising on Steam, sold copies on the promise of a Steam release, and then gave the middle finger to their customers.

Any developer that goes to the Epic Store after knowing that they have actively been anti-consumer I consider in the same vein. They know they’re going to an anti-consumer storefront. That action proves they don’t care about their customers.

I don’t see why they are anti-consumer. The practice of making games exclusive is a proven and widespread business strategy in the gaming industry. It’s not just the gaming industry that uses this practice either, and you don’t hear manchild/fanboi complaining on reddit about it. Steam also has exclusive titles on their platform so the argument is a bit hypocritical. Competition between platforms for developer interest is ultimately good for the consumer in the long run, as is any business competing for consumers. Steam has had an unhealthy monopoly on the PC market and the epic game store has the best chance at being a decent market competitor.

Developers that sold copies on steam and then moved to epic honored their sales. Customers that purchased on steam got the game when it released on epic on their steam clients library. I don’t see how this is a middle finger.

Epic games is new and the platform needs a lot of work but calling out anti-consumer just sounds like manchilds crying about needing to use another platform. Yes they don’t have the feature rich service that is steam but they can develop into one. If it really bothers you just wait until the exclusivity deal is finished.

I explained why that was.

Yes, an anti-consumer one. One that has traditionally not been a part of PC Gaming. Might be why people are upset to see it come to this platform.

So your argument is to be insulting?

No, they don’t. Name one case where Valve has signed an exclusivity contract with any developer/publisher.

In the past 2 months Epic has signed several. Valve has signed 0 since it introduced Steam 16 years ago.

I agree that competition is needed. But I do not agree that it must come at the expense of the consumer.

How, exactly, has it been unhealthy? How, exactly, have they done anything to force other developers or studios to their platform? When it comes to gaming Valve has been one of the most consumer friendly companies out there.

For those who were waiting for release?

More insults.

Or I can do exactly what I have done, I will refuse to purchase any game that was offered exclusively on the Epic store and will point out their anti-consumer practices whenever viable. Oddly enough, for all your insulting, you seem to agree with that course of action.

lol, Ok.

MS and Sony stores have been bridging some of their exclusive console titles to the PC into their own store as exclusives for a while now… Edit, consider all the self published platforms like Blizzard, i think those games are fairly exclusive to their platforms and on PC no?

If you want to find it insulting then be my guest? My point was it’s very rare for platform exclusiveness in other aspects of business to end up in a flame war on a reddit, and I think that was fairly obvious.

… they might not have signed an exclusivity contract, but there are obviously exclusive titles on steam for PC(although they might be on consoles.) Team Fortress 2, CS GO, Half Life 2, portal 2, etc. they might have been made by the company that owns Steam* but that doesn’t stop it from meeting what is defined as exclusive.

Everything is at the expense of consumers; there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The vast majority of the PC market is on steam, and that is unhealthy for the consumer and developer alike. Competition spurs innovation and price wars. For this to end there needs to be a platform or many platforms that can compete with steam. This is why when a platform like epic games pops up, it gets my approval.

How is that their concern? You didn’t pay for the product therefore you didn’t lose anything, and if you really like the game you should support the developer’s choice. Don’t like it, vote with your wallet.

Yup a very wide ranging generalization against those crying wolf on reddit on my part. Guilty as charged. If you feel like you were a part of that spectrum well all I can say is everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Haa well it was just a suggestion, make of it what you will. Do what you want.

Bridging their exclusive content to PC… makes it not exclusive.

Pretty sure when you’re throwing out “manchild” that isn’t me finding insult, it is you clearly offering it. At least own it.

Yes, every one of those is a Valve title. Valve selling their titles on their own store. That is like EA selling on Origin or even Epic selling on Epic. That is not the issue. The issue is that Epic is paying other developers to not sell on other storefronts. That is an unprecedented move in PC gaming and one that many, many people would rather not be on the platform at all as we know first hand how bad exclusivity is for gaming as a whole. At no point has Valve ever paid a developer to not publish on another platform. In fact they honor Steam keys sold by competing store fronts! Gamersgate, Humble Bundle, GoG have all sold Steam keys that Valve has honored. That is the exact opposite of what Epic is doing.

Yes, and there are things which are above board, and there are things that are a dick move. Epic paying devs exclude other stores is the latter. Me finding the price of the game at a point where I want it and paying that, while it is “at my expense” it isn’t a dick move.

Yes it does. And we can look at the competitor and say it is not worth going to because of how they are treating their (potential) customers.

Ah, so your hate boner for Valve is so strong that you’ll accept anti-consumer practices. Got it.

Yeah, who needs the good will of their fan base?

Aside from the opportunity to purchase the title on a platform which isn’t hostile to me? You seem to think that money is the only thing that matters here.

300 hours into Factorio, running through a 0.17 campaign right now. The idea of a 3-D Factorio is right up my ally. But having been burned by many studios over the years, Epic being a prime contender, I’m not of the opinion that the quality of the game trumps all. If the studio is going to be actively hostile to me, no matter how good the game is, they will not get my dollars.

Which is what I am doing, and somehow you are taking umbrage with this.

More insults.

Yup a very wide ranging generalization against those crying wolf on reddit on my part. Guilty as charged.

Yes, an argument I am making here. Which means you are likening me to a manchild.

As long as you can call them names, hm? Pst… I have a question for you. Do you think that members of OTG are a homogeneous block that all shares your opinion of different sites on the internet? Do you think that maybe… juuuust maybe… someone could be in OTG and also frequent one of the more popular sites on the internet, ala, Reddit? And that maybe, juuuuust maybe, you making snide remarks expecting about such people expecting everyone in this little slice of the internet shareing your view might be a tad silly?

Alright, y’all, simmer down. :slight_smile:

I love Steam. I also applaud Epic for trying; if they can succeed (without pissing too many people off) it will lower game prices on both platforms, and likely improve performance/reliability. We’ll see, though.

If anyone happens to pick it up and wants to work on a cooperative base, my EGL username is PeteFeetFeatPete. I think if we link via friend requests, we can then join each other’s “Friends Only” marked games.

I just picked this up. I like the scale of the buildings. It gives you the feeling that it is big.