Anyone, Anyone at all please SWL?


I do still play from time to time, but the fact it refuses to even start on my main machine lowers my playtime significantly.

I login and play a little every day. But, my timing is all over the place.

I fixed it not starting, finally, so I’m playing fairly regularly again.

I made an OTG channel way way back, but never see anyone in it :slight_smile: I myself am with the ODO guild, pretty much since early TSW.

Other channels to look into are #noobmares and #sanctuary.

I’ll start popping in again. Would Love to find a guildie

I can get you into the OTG guild, just need to post in the invite thread - it is not very active.

The guild I’m in is a founder’s guild, and fairly active, still.

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I play every once in a while - bought the year’s sub during last sale.

Character’s name is: Logon

Put /chat join OTG in your scripts/auto_login file.

Here’s how mine looks:

delay 5000
/chat join sanctuary
/chat join noobmares
/chat join OTG
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