Anyone Active out there?

I’m still in the application process, but hopeful;)

I found an older post and seems that OTG is on Halls of Fate server.

Is this still accurate and is anyone still playing?

I would like to meet/get to know you all.


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I went back to this for a few months, after about 14 years. Liked it at first. Loved getting my flying mounts. Then hit level 100 and the game for me went downhill from there. In those few months I saw no OTG presence in the game. I myself moved on to ESO and there’s usually 10-15 on at a time there. Welcome to the guild.

I played for a couple months earlier this year. Started over fresh and all. Game looked great, attended the Guide events regularly, would aim to complete every quest a zone had to offer. I wanted to experience what I might have missed (played off and on since release day). Simply lost interest and returned back to other games.

Now that Pantheon has been placed on “hold” I found a new hopeful that includes previous EQ devs called “Monsters and Memories”.