Any recommendations on air purifiers?

Hello all, I am wondering if anyone had any recommendations on air purifiers. I recently bought a Hathaspace air purifier off Amazon for $160 and it didn’t do a damn thing, It acted like it worked, but never cleaned the air at all. Now I’m looking on Amazon for a different purifier to try, but based on reviews I feel like it is hit or miss with any of them. I have plenty of dust, dog hair and dander around my place so I feel like a purifier would do me a lot of good at this point in life. In fact one of my dogs sheds so much hair and dander I have to vacuum up his “dust bunnies” every day in addition to vigorous brushing and grooming, I sear someone is paying him to shed so much.

Anyone out there have a air purifier they use and would recommend? I feel like I would trust recommendations from folks in the guild over anything else. Thanks in advance.

Closest one to mine in the US I could find was this one Washable filters (still need replacing about once a year ) depends on how much work they are doing. Also has a built in plasma wave ionizer, is easy to move around and a near silent mode if using at night in a bedroom.

This is the one I’ve used for the last couple of years has very similar specs

First 3 months or so it needed a good dust out of the pre filter regularly but settled down soon after that .It tells to in the book not to vacuum out the Hepa filter as most vacuums just blow the dust back out into the room , so I just did it outside :slight_smile:

quite pleased with this item so far anyway . hope this helps

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They mostly all look like very small units to me , most of the products in the uk anyway are pretty useless and don’t do the job. The main thing to look for is the largest filter area you can get for the money you can spend. If it just looks pretty sitting in the lounge corner its probably crap.

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Thanks for the replies and recommendations. I was actually looking at the Winix model you linked @Alphea so I am going to give that one a try.

Since it hasn’t been mentioned I’ll just add that I have had a good experience with these Honeywell units which I have been using since the Norther California fires put my mother at risk with toxic air quality conditions.

They are still available on Amazon in three sizes HPA100, HPA200, HPA300. They have a pre-filter and hi-allergen filter. Pre filter is changed every 3 months, hi-allergen once a year. They have worked well for me and my mother in both our houses which are two bedroom one bath 1000 sqft houses. I have an HPA100 in each 11x11 bedroom, and an HPA300 in the living/dining area which is about 400sqft.

Ahhh Honeywell, I have had some less than pleasant experiences with Honeywell products in the past. Honeywell stuff I used in the past either didn’t work very well or didn’t last long at all. That was many years ago however, maybe they have stepped up their game since then. @Chamir I will keep your recommendation in mind if the other thing doesn’t work out. I did look at that model of Honeywell air purifier so it is in the back of my mind.

I can’t compare them to anything because I haven’t used anything else. So your standards of performance are hard for me to pander to. These models are all plastic basically a fan with pre-filter, HEPA filter and a few buttons. I’m really not a fan of plastic but everything is plastic these days…overall I find they work well and having purchased six units, none of them have ever had a problem with reliability. I do leave them on the low setting 24/7 so they have all been running non-stop going on two years now. Also nice and quiet at the lowest setting. A regular fan at low setting is noticeably louder.

Replacement filters I buy in multi-packs that include both HEPA and enough pre-cut prefilters for one year. As long as the units don’t fail and the filters are available I find they are satisfactory, although I think for a plastic box with a fan they could be less expensive for the initial buy in. But it’s really the filters in the long run that are the bigger expense. Filters run about $100 a year for the two small and one large unit in one house. That’s replacing them on schedule, once a year for the HEPA, and four times a year for the pre-filters. Since I’m running them 24/7 I do try to keep the filters replaced on schedule. If they last more than five years, the filter expense will exceed the original purchase expense. Five years is really the test for me because that’s the about the reliable life of electronics. Time will tell…

Kind of glad to find this post. I am in the market for one myself. It seems the older I get the more that dust, dander, pollen, etc. gets to me.