Any PS4 Activity? (Gonna Be Laid Up for a Bit)

I broke my ankle recently. Not tooo bad, but I will still be spending a lot of time in my recliner in front of my PS4 for a while. Heheh. Are there any games with some OTG activity at all?

It would certainly help me pass the time! :slight_smile:

FFXIV is great. I kinda stopped PC gaming when I saw how many games were on the PS4 that I liked. Love using a controller now vs keyboard.

Lots of MMOs on the PS4. ESO. DCUO. Then you have the online versions of Red Dead and GTA. Destiny is great.

Not sure how big it is but I know that ESO has some guild activity on the PS4.

ESO would be great. Who might I contact to join in?

If you go into the ESO group there is a subforum for invites.

I dont get to play much Griz, but I’ll get ESO updated and send you an invite tonight bud.

A game I really enjoy, but that no one in OTG plays, pretty much, is Boundless. Also on the PS4, online minecrafty MMO I guess you could call it. Everyone’s in one large server/world, PS4 and PC both.

I put in a few hours each night into Monster Hunter: World. Not an OTG presence, just someone who is in OTG playing that game.

Is there any OTG interest in the upcoming launch of Black Desert Online on the PS4?

I think I’m going to get it, not sure how much I can play but I really like the play style on ps4