Any officers in Pantheon VIP?

When I signed up a couple of years ago we had an officer doing the PA sessions, I think his name was Design.

Just curious if any other OTG people are playing the PA sessions now that they are monthly and would like to join us.
I usually play with some other OTG people: Kridak, and Pada as examples. Is Design still playing? If not are there any other officers from OTG playing?

I still exist. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been playing in the recent tests. I’ll probably jump back in when it gets to Alpha or Beta. The long stretches of PA silence took their toll on my enthusiasm. I’m sure it’ll rebound as we get closer to release.

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I’m really happy you are still interested in playing Design! You might want to jump back in now though, the game has changed quite a bit since you last saw it. I believe a date you might be interested in is: April 15th (10 am PDT) to April 16th 10 am.

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Me and Avu are both playing as well

Release my Druid class! :slight_smile:

ya im playing a monk while i wait for a warrior