Any guild recommendations for Project Gorgon?

My wife and I have been playing Project Gorgon for a week or two and would like to hook up with a noob friendly guild in the game. Anyone have any current recommendations for a friendly group to inquire with?

Thanks, Airen.

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I play it off and on, it has some really funny and cute things in it. But never bothered looking for a guild.

So this comment is kind of pointless :smiley:

I played PG during alpha and just got back into it. It’s a really great old-school game if you don’t care about flashy graphics or action combat. I recently joined the Floof Troop guild which is very active and helpful to new players. You can look for Kaskrim in game or on the PG Discord channel. My character name is Scraps in game if you need any help. I was hoping that OTG would be more active in PG but I don’t think there’s enough interest to start a chapter, so I looked for an active guild on Discord. Cheers!

Cool, we actually joined Floof Troop this evening. Hope to see you around :wave:

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