Any current players

I am getting back into the game, and was wanting to fill in my contacts list

Maybe join up with some folks

Hi tecknowolf.
There are a few regulars around here who are still playing a few times a week. But the game is in a bit of a weird state. There are things that work really well and there are things that are quite frustrating.
If you are getting back in to see where things are, you will find a lot of new and fun features.
And this month we are slated to finally get the long awaited Carrack, so there is quite a buzz around that.
You can always add cimtaurus to your list and I will fly with you anytime.
We should see the full revamp of the org and chat systems in 3.9 next month, so that will make it a bit easier to coordinate with org mates and friends. That particular feature is only about 9 months late. But who is counting right?

Be sure to check out things like caves, all of the new planets and moons, space stations all over the place, cargo hauling, bounty missions (aka assassin missions) and the criminality system.

In the next major patch we are also getting a bit of a rework on the crime and punishment feature, with prisons and consequences for crimes being added.

The majority of the resources at CIG are focused on Squadron 42 right now, so progress in the Persistent Universe has been like a trickle of water from a leaky faucet. But there is hope that once SQ42 hits beta at the end of the year that some focus will return to SC-PU. Time will tell.

In the meantime, look me up when you want to fly and be sure to share your rsi handle so we can all add you as well.

See you in the verse!

looking forward to the new criminal system so that when I do get a crimestat I do not need to go into FPS mode to clear it at Karea… I would rather pay the fine or do jail time to clear the stat.

Thanks guys, I will send you a pm

I regularly play, mostly on the PTU builds but thinking I will be a lot more active on the LIVE this time around.

TheStargazer in game.

I play here and there. Less as of late, I just re-configured my controls and head-tracking stuff for 3.8.X this past weekend after procrastinating. phulcrum in game.

I’ve just installed SC 3.82 after a very long absence. Have to say that I am the worst fighter pilot ever.
Anyways I am struggling with re-learning the controls (Still using mouse and keyboard at the moment).

Tried to do a delivery mission run but forgot how to request landing permission so the game froze - crashed while I was searching for how to do that.

For those of you that do play, does the game log out well for you? I’ve tried using the quit game command and end up forever locked on the main menu. I usually end up using the task master to end the game at this point but I’m sure that isn’t the best.

Couple of things…
First, to get some help getting better as a pilot check out this thread: Getting started in Star Citizen

Second, this patch has some really weird bugs. Sounds like you are hitting one of those with the log out issue.

To request landing you want to open coms (F11) and go to contacts tab on the left, then click the little hail button for the traffic control of the location where you are trying to land. For Port Olisar you will just see the name of the station there, for instance.
That will trigger a landing request and in a few seconds you will see a gear icon in your hud that will mark the landing pad you are assigned.
NOT optimal and they know it but it is also not critical at the moment since it does work even if annoyingly not intuitive. So it will get redone in the future.

I have not been in game much lately, just been super busy and not had time to play much.
But I am not in any hurry. I know the state of things right now is less than optimal so I am kinda hanging out until 3.9

Should see some improvement for the connectivity and performance in 3.9 based on Todd Pappy’s talk last week
And we should see ETF testing of 3.9 in about a week or so.

Thanks Sim!

I find mining the easiest way to make aUEC from the start. Prospector makes it easy to kit yourself out even if you are mining crappy mats. Definitely watch some youtube videos to learn how and then you are all set. Griefers have a harder time finding lone mining ships in the asteroid belts of Yela or on the surface of Daymar. At the moment I am having difficulty playing the game without crashes…need a better gaming pc I guess so I am hit or miss to be online until I sort that out.

Ide love to go mine. The game, however, has decided that i can’t. I got the bug where as soon as i crack a rock the first time, everything from it despawns.

Best in game buton; F12.

Closes the chat window.


If you go into the right hand portion of the F11 you can see where you disable public chat entirely, well for that game session anyways.

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I play regularly

I am starting to play again