Anvilmar Alliance?

Hi all,

Is OTG still running on Anvilmar? I am a long lost member looking to get back, but the new website/forum stuff is a little… ah… well, let’s just say it is not always super friendly user experience?

In any case, I’ve put through my request to rejoin the OTG umbrella guild, and I’m wondering if anyone is still running around on Anvilmar Alliance?



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We are on Anvilmar! It’s merged with Undermine so we have guilds on both servers. But Anvilmar is our primary. Welcome back!

Great! I’ve gotten access to the WoW discord - is there anything else I need to do before trying to round up an officer to invite my chars?

Looks like you only need your invite. Just find an officer ingame and we will be happy to do that.

So Anvilmar is Alliance and Undermine is Horde? Thinking of coming back.

Not quite…
Anvilmar/Undermine are linked servers. The Alliance chapter is on both/either of those servers.

Similarly, the Horde chapter is on the linked Kul-Tiras/Bladefist servers.