Anthem tips

  • You get bonus XP for each excursion, plus a coin payout every week for having people in your Origin/Console friends list who play the game; the more you all play, the more the bonuses become.
  • You have a character level, and a power level; which are completely independent of each other. Your character level determines what you have unlocked for your Javelins, such as second weapon slot or even more Javelins. Power level is based on the level of the gear slotted into your current Javelin; it’s like a gear score. From what I can tell, Power Level is what the matchmaker uses to put players together for an excursion; which is why you’ll have character level 10 teamed up with character level 21 people.
  • There is no HP. You have shields and armor and that’s it. Once your armor breaks your Javelin is disabled until a teammate can repair you. Colossus only has Armor unless you actively hold up the shield; you can’t shoot or do abilities while holding up the shield; there is no cooldown or activation time to hold up the shield; the Colossus shield can withstand much much much more than the shields of other Javelins. Much more.
  • Colossus is slower on the ground and can not fly as long as other Javelins; wait for me! Storm can fly and hover longer than other Javelins. Anyone else notice that some of the Javelin names are similar to some of the X-Men names?
  • You gain reputation from various factions in the game (Archivists, Freelancers, etc.); the tier of the reputation you have unlocks blueprints for crafting.
  • As you do missions, your version of Fort Tarsis changes; your Fort Tarsis won’t look the same as mine unless we’ve both done the exact same things; from what I understand, even the conversation choices we make with npcs in Fort Tarsis can determine some of the cosmetic changes of Fort Tarsis. “Our World. Your story.”
  • Combat is combo-based. Some abilities set up a combo (called primers), and some abilities finish the combo. I recommend watching the videos linked below to see what abilities do what.
  • When you start the story, your Javelin is a Ranger; as you progress in the story you pick your own starting Javelin and won’t have access to the Ranger any more unless that’s what you pick for your first Javelin (or later). You unlock more Javelins at character levels 8, 16, and 26. By then you will have all four of the available Javelins.
  • Any weapons dropped for you in excursions can be used on any other of your Javelins, except Heavy Weapons (grenade launcher and mini-gun) which only Colossus can use. This means you can help boost your new javelins by equipping higher power weapons.
  • You can re-play missions by using the random mission option in the matchmaking system instead of choosing from the map. This lets people who have already done missions queue up and assist random people who haven’t done it. You can also group with friends by inviting them to your squad then do one of their missions.

I’ll try to update as I think of other things to add. Feel free to reply to add tips of your own.


Regarding combos, they are set up with primers and finished with detonators; all javelins have both although Storm has a crapload of options for this.

Good breakdown here of primers and detonators for each Javelin pulled from the Discord channel.

There’s also some great videos by Channel 5 Gaming

For Ranger, the melee attack is a primer - I mention it since the Ranger has so few of them.

Another tip is enemies have weak points like those big shielded guys weak points are on the arm and in the back. If I recall, on those points you can crit for extra damage.

Kellewic beat me to posting those vids. I had them in another thread already but this thread might be a good candidate for a pin.

My additions:

Item Database -
Features that are not that obvious -

I’m planning on playing Anthem on release. As a fan of the game Destiny, Mass Effect, and Warframe, I like these style of game. I certainly hope that Bioware delivers a great game with this title. Also, all of the videos in this post were very helpful. I checked them all out.

OMG Kellewic, those videos are sooo good. Thanks for linking them. I have subscribed to that channel now. I am now going to try some things on my Colossus. ^5

Thanks for posting. Loved the videos :smiley:. I learned a few things about my Ranger.

When you hit level 30, you gain access to 3 Legendary Contracts per day. They are at the boards near: Haluk, Matty, and Brin. Sometimes normal contracts obscure them. Each time you complete one you are guaranteed a Masterwork Component for the javelin you complete the contract with. So you can get 3 Masterwork components every day.

Masterwork components have something like 3x the health and shields of epic components, so these are damn near necessary to have to start running GM1 Strongholds.

I’ve been running the three legendary contracts daily, and I’ve yet to get a masterwork item of any kind. Are the items tied to a specific difficulty rating? I ask because I’m not able to do Grandmaster 1 without masterwork items, and I can’t seem to get good drops so far. Thanks.

You have to run the Leggo Contracts in GM1. Don’t be intimidated, they’re easy just a bit longer than a normal contract.

That said, Saturday’s patch changed the rewards to be a random MW component. I’ve ran over a dozen since the update and only 3 matched the javelin running the contract.

You can also pick up all 3 regular and legendary contracts from the launch bay in 1 spot. Save you from running all over :smiley: