Anthem/The Division 2 Chapter?

Just wondering if there would be considerations for chapters for Anthem and The Division 2 when they release?

The likelihood of myself playing these are high, and talks of The Division allowing Clans, and I’m sure Anthem would do similar. I just would like to see if there was interest in these titles or not.

I’m interested in both games.

I plan on getting both. Although it will more than likely be for console, xbox probably. Getting to lazy/old to use a keyboard and mouse now-a-days. Like to slouch and lean back in my chair… hard to do that with a keyboard/mouse combo. =)~

I agree. I’ve already pre-ordered “The Division 2” for the Xbox. If I get “Anthem,” it’ll be on the console as well.

I’ve pre-ordered both games for PC.

I’m on board for The Division 2 as well. Hopefully some of you remember me from the first one! (ashiOTG on Uplay)

Awesome! I plan to pre-order Division 2 on xbox tonight. When the time comes, lets get a who is playing on what platform thread going and post our gamer information if nothing is officially put together! Can’t wait to explore DC, that game trailer they released looked very good!

I think we will need to see what kinds of in game guild management tools exist (if any). Ubisoft are pretty focused on the social tools in their launcher, so it is possible that this is what they mean by clan support. The specifics of the in game tools will be important to any formal OTG official support. This seems to be one of the deciding factors for OTG.

That said, I will be playing The Division 2 on PC. As usual, I’m glad to help anyway I can.

Gonna be playing anthem, would like to nominate Void for chapter lead

I’m okay with this, I was just simply enquiring about who would be interested. I’m not here to step on toes.

For anthem, see here:

Planing to get both games for PC.

I was played a little in Anthem over the weekend. I looking more forward to Division 2. will see how it goes.

Division 2 is the more fleshed out game. I enjoyed roaming around a recreation of New York in Division 1. They improved the PvP and I hope the PvE is also improved.

I am going to be playing and wasn’t planning on playing the Division 2, but now I think I will be getting the Division 2 as well and swapping between the two. Can’t go wrong with more than one co-op shooter I suppose.

Me and the wife played The Division to death and have preordered the second one. Will be playing the beta next week. Also preordered Anthem so will be playing that too. :smile:

My wife and I are going to be playing both games on the PC.

I will put my name in as lead for the division2 I did pre-order both Anthem and division2

I would like to test out some things first in this weekend beta with the clan system they have set up

I will be playing Division 2… gonna pass for now on Anthem… found it very disappointing.

I hope we can all get organized at the start of the Division 2 beta to maximize our interaction and use of the “Clan” tools and features.

I just pre-ordered the Division 2 and I subscribed to basic Origin access (1 dollar for the first month) that should allow me to play Anthem for 10 hours starting on Feb 15th. I may purchase Anthem if it is good.

If I like both games I will be playing both games.

I was playing FO76 pretty heavily before this but the last patch… oof… wrong place to discuss this. :scream: