Anthem Resources

Hey all,

I hope your all enjoying Anthem as much as I am :D. Please disregard all the haters and whiners out there :stuck_out_tongue:. I just wanted to share with you all some of the resources I have found out on the interwebs :smiley:

All weapons&gear.

Great Map with all locations discovered.

Explains all those little bonuses on gear.

Chest spawns, Resources.

New Titan Event.

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And if you’re anti-social in some games.

Just kidding, several outlets report that in the current stat of grouping, you might want to play solo until the endgame stuff. So here are links to help play solo:

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Found a great you-tuber with some awesome videos. He has many videos all about finding the Bastion Collectibles if your having a hard time finding them all.

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