Anthem on XB1

Anyone playing Anthem on XBox One? If you are, please respond here so we can all friend each other. Having friends who play Anthem helps with the Alliance system bonuses, and it’s definitely made for group play.

My XB1 gamertag is Ordegar. See you there!

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I’m playing and having a blast even with some of the technical difficulties. My gamer tag is Waltaur. I’ve got a few fellow OTG members on my friends list that are also playing, so hopefully they’ll chime in. I’ll add you!

I added a bunch of people from “The Old Timers Guild” group who showed as playing Anthem; but the Alliance only works with friends who follow you back hehe.

GT: Darth Dual

Edit: Just started playing again Aug 13th 2019

I picked it up and have been playing it here and there. I think I am lvl 6 or 7 atm. GT is The Runx. Would be willing to play with others. Am on most nights, EST zone.

Cptnoobtastic been playing since launch along with Drakmire another OTG Member