Anthem just around the corner


In case any of you are playing Anthem. I always hope that our OTG PS4 community will have an active group to experience games, though I know in the past we are quite sporadic. I started a community for adults 18+ and have found quite a few new like minded friends. So far they have not been interested in joining OTG.

If any of you want to join the community feel free. Anthem Old Man Alpha Squad. Demo for preorders is in 2 weeks. Most have preordered.

I just bought a PS 4 and am interested. Will there be a beta for consoles? I thought that was only for PC.

All preorders (PS4, Xbox, pc) get to play the demo on Jan 25.

I’m debating if I get it on my new PS4 Pro or go the traditional PC route. Anyone else going with PS 4?

I was thinking PC vs. my PS4 or XBox One

If I had a decent pc I certainly would go that route. But it’s ps4 for me.

If you get a new PC come join up with me Mez

You know I would!

I’m going to jump in on the PC - might go ps4 if thats the way everyone leans

Not many on PS4 interested or very positive for Anthem. I think I’m about the only one. I’ve had to start my own community to find peeps to play with on a consistent basis. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If you have a decent gaming pc I would do that. Higher frame rates. PS4 is only ever going to be 30fps at best.

I decided to pick up the premium access for 1 month to try it out. So I’ll be playing tomorrow :grin:

Kasen, May you have a great time and know I hate you and all your ilk that play before Feb 22. Lol.

BTW live action short film by Neill Blomkamp coming soon.


Getting it on PC! Username is teacherdood

Sending you a friends request. Mine is Shavlik