Anthem getting alot of hate

Anthem is getting a lot of negative reviews.
Having not played the full game myself yet, I don’t have an opinion on the matter, but I know a lot of you have played and was wondering what OTG members think of Anthem.
Are the reviews unjust or is it really that bad?

From what I have read here in the forums and my personal opinion, we’re all liking the game. The majority of the hate is coming from streamers and min/maxers that are complaining about scaling and how weapons have been nerfed, while mobs have become bullet sponges. This is all level 30/grand master level 1-3. I haven’t ran into this yet. I just hit level 19. For what it is worth, never accept the internet’s opinion on a game. Do your research, if it’s something you want to play, go for it. I never listen to the internet. They all rush to complete the game, talk bad about it then move on to the next big game to restart the cycle.

I played a little in beta and a few missions now. I like it. You can run it solo according to several websites if that’s your thing. It’s a loot shooter, so sure a little grindy later on I’m sure. I’ve got 9 more hours left to play and hopefully I’ll get a better opinion as it goes along.