Answer the call - DMs desired!

Since a few nights have/are wrapping up campaigns, I’m making the call to anyone who may want to step up and make claim to a night for D&D.

In many instances - if you build it, they will come. If you have a preferred night, take the lead and simply give your preferred night to run a game.

If anyone needs help becoming a DM or help making things easier on themselves - feel free to PM anyone or hit up the discord.


2020 is looking to be the year I get back in DM/GM’ing. I haven’t run games since early 2000’s back in my college days. I hadn’t played tabletop RPG’s for nearly 20 years, just got back into it in the last year or so. I have run some games in D&D, Shadowrun, Rolemaster (ugh), Earthdawn, Star Wars and a couple other franchises I can’t remember. Of course, it was all with older editions of the games and with none of the digital apps and stuff available today. So I have been just learning the new systems and how to play with the digital tools so far.

My goal is to get familiar with Fantasy Grounds to run something with guild people at some point this year, hopefully up to the point of running a campaign/adventure module by summer or before. Ideally, I want to start running Starfinder.

I really love playing tabletops, but I also enjoy running campaigns/adventure modules. I enjoy telling the story, giving life to the characters and worlds. I get into it, I do sound effects, voices all that junk. So for starters, any DM’s out there familiar with Fantasy Grounds have any recommendations for resources to check out that help a reborn DM learn DM’ing in Fantasyu Grounds better? And who would be interested in playing Starfinder?

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Have you seen the Fantasy Grounds YouTube channel? I looked at it maybe 6 months ago and it’s an ‘everything you wanted to know’ channel. I was looking at it when I was checking out tabletop games.

Hope it helps. ~Mid

Link :

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Thanks for the info, I’ll be checking it out along with all the other stuff I have to go over hehe. Lots and lots and lots of reading and video watching to do.