Another Year Older - still gaming

It’s been a while but Trustee is still around and gaming. I’m 94 on Saturday July 13. Not as mobile and active as I was, but still hanging in there. My best regards to any and all of my old friends who are still around. I’m older and slower, but still going strong. Good grouping and gaming to all. Oh the memories of all the good guild groups that I enjoyed. Those were the days.


Happy Birthday my friend!

Fond memories of our static group days in various games.

Happy birthday and may you have many more.

All the best to you on your Birthday!


lyn :wave:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Feel free to jump into Discord and say hi to your friends in WoW!


Happy Birthday trustee have fun and we all love you =)

I pray you a Happy and Healthy Birthday on the 13th!. Congratulations on living well, I only hope that I can do similar and still be able at your age to do those things that bring us happiness!

Happy early birthday Trustee!!!

Keep on Keeping on Trustee! Enjoy the birthday and don’t set the house on fire with the candles.

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I am so glad you posted, Trustee! I looked up last year’s post and thread, and was wondering how you are doing.

Have a very happy birthday. :birthday:

If anyone should contact the College program about the aged-gamers, it’s you! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Trustee :blush: I don’t know if you remember me but I was in a static group with you in LotRO for a while- good times and good memories. I just turned 75 on July 5 meself!

Good to hear from you again. I loved Lotro. Good game played with good friends. Wonderful. Congrats on passing 75 and continued good gaming to you.

Thank you Revzman. I still enjoy gaming and my guild friends. For an old, old timer I’m going strong. I’m slower though.

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Good to hear from you again old friend. I’m still active, in the guild and gaming. Just older and slower. Age happens to us all.

Hi good to hear from you. Best wishes and good grouping and gaming.

Happy Birthday to you!!! And many more!

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Glad you are still hanging out and playing with us,