Another "I'm coming back" Thread

I’ve been away for quite some time. I’m old even for this guild…heheh…but I want to get active again. So hopefully I’m dabbling in a game or two that OTG is active in…

I’m playing quite a bit of Elden Ring on the PS4. I know it’s mostly a single player game, but there are multiplayer aspects, so I thought I’d at least mention it. I still play ESO on the PS4. I play Albion Online on multiple platforms.

Any of these a possibility?

If not, are there any Playstation games where OTG has a presence? Even PS5 possibly?

I don’t game that much on the PC anymore, but I’d pick up the pace again for the right OTG game. I’d consider an MMO or any other genre, but I’d like it to be a fairly recently launched if at all possible.

I’d really appreciate some feedback. I really want to make it happen this time. I’d consider any game on any platform if it simply would ring my chimes! :smile:

Wow… are you older than @Trustee ?!

Yea…@Trustee will be 92 in July.

92 on July 13.

My younger brother will be 90 on June 7.

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I don’t think that Lyn is, but it would be great if she was older.
We have grouped together a good number of times.

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@Trustee, I’ll turn 78 this coming November…a bit behind you guys.


I still remember your old gaming site ‘The Grizzled Gamer’. I was sad to see it go.

Wow. I didn’t know anybody ever visited that site. I just enjoyed tinkering with it for a while.

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Thanks for the fun comments about how old we old farts are…heheh…but how about my actual question I raised in my original post. I would really appreciate some input. (Scroll up to my original thread-starter post.)


There used to be an OTG Community on the PlayStation network, but I think Sony eliminated all of the PS4 communities back in April 2021. I don’t know if the feature exists on PS5 or not though? There’s a ‘consoles-playstation’ channel under General Games in the official guild Discord though - probably the best place to connect with fellow PS4 players there honestly.

I don’t believe an Albion Online guild exists. I’ve seen several people ask in the past, and the General Games Chapter Leader, Splutty recently said that an OTG Guild for Albion Online doesn’t exist any longer - which he replied about on April 20, 2022.

Also, I’ll tell you from my personal experience, using the forums isn’t all that great. Few people seem to actually read or respond here anymore. Everything seems to be in Discord now, which is really sad.

Thanks, Xinra.

By the way, newb Discord question…is that only voice? Or is there forum-type use of Discord also?

It’s both.

The Discord text discussions are pretty much ephemeral, kind of like IRC was (or still is) back in the day. Discord still allows for key-string searches of words/phrases, but with no topic headers the discussion(s) are all over the place in certain channels. I find Discord to be very confusing, but forum discussions almost seem to be a thing of the past. Every since OTG upgraded the forums, they’ve been very confusing to use for a vast majority of us - despite leadership constantly saying how easy it is to use. I agree to disagree.

Anyhow, OTG Discord is the place to be for questions, comments, and discussions for the most part. Good luck, and welcome back Griz!