Another event... (April 4 - May 9)

Looks like it’s the only Q2 event, but will last for five weeks, so plenty of time to earn tickets.

Starts April 4 at 10:00AM EDT and will run until May 9 at 10:00AM EDT.

It’s important to note that you can get 72 tickets if you don’t miss a day. Not enough to start from scratch, so you need at least one feather already to be able to finish. If you do not have any feathers or tickets before this starts, DO NOT WASTE TICKETS ON BERRIES! You won’t have enough to get all 4 and you can’t buy them on the next event. (This is with the understanding that you won’t be able to buy berries if you do not already have an adolescent indrik. I believe that’s what showed on the vendor after I had evolved mine during the jester event.)

The good news is that getting tickets is crazy easy this time. Log in on day one, do a short quest, get a cake, and eat a piece every day for 2 tickets. That’s it! You don’t need to do any of the actual event if you aren’t interested in that week’s bonuses.

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Someone who doesn’t have an adolescent indrik will need to check if you can buy the berries before the feathers. The reason the Dawnwood berries may have been red when I checked during the last event is because I already had the Dawnwood evolution. I was able to make another adolescent, so i won’t be able to check myself.

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That’s interesting. I’m glad they added the red markout. It makes things easier.

Okay, just got enough tickets for purchase. The first Luminous berry has red flavor text on the tooltip stating that a Nascent Indrik is required for use. Feathers and berry are both available though. The pet is no longer in the menu for me.

Edit: It wouldn’t let me buy the Emerald feather (said only one allowed), then I realized I had purchased one in the first event with extra tickets. It wasn’t marked in red. So I’m guessing it only applies to the berries and styles.

Awesome. So someone who doesn’t have any indrik can still buy all 4 berries during this event, and complete the feathers next quarter. That’s good!

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