Annual Thread (2023): Build Your Own Gaming PC. Share Your Info / Links


I’ve seen a couple YouTube video’s by this gent and this one really peaked my interest. Thought I would share it here in the event you too are looking to build on the cheap a reasonably quality game computer. $550! I purchased a few minor upgrades to his setting and I am pretty much a newb when it comes to “building” a computer. Only one prior build from some 6 years earlier.

Enjoy! Well worth the watch!


This is cool and informative! I love the step through of the build. Thanks for posting. Another helpful site I’ve used for my own builds is

If you mouse over the various components, it’ll give you a general idea on the performance. I’ve built a couple of machines using them as a resource and have been pretty happy.

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Very nice.
Thank you, 'o @Wizewon, so wise indeed! :bowing_man: :takemymoney:

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Nice video. Maybe would have added some words about handling of components to prevent static discharge (“don’t touch the circuitry, beware carpets and dry weather”) , but even that is a fairly rare problem today. But, yeah, every connector is keyed, don’t force anything, and with a decent component list the actual build does go just about as quickly as the video. Even canned water cooling, suitable for modest over-clocking, is drop-in ready. This video would be an equally good guide for a ~$1500 system, only most of the parts would cost more (and the CPU connector may be harder to reach).


Here’s a Black Friday hunt article for a gaming PC.

“So, did I succeed in my quest? Well, my planned builds clocks in at $690.75 total”

From the same gent in the original 2020 build:

I haven’t done a new build fully from scratch since 2008. Though I think I have replaced every part I bought in the original case!)

Been surfing sales since before Black Friday and managed to get everything for around $3500-ish (before tax obviously) Seriously, I did not pay $2,400 for the video card - more like $1,900 in early November before the prices increased and the card started going in and out of stock. Yeah, overkill in some places, but I’ll likely be overclocking the hell out of it 5 years from now putting off upgrades so I wanted the 23 phase power on the MB.

Amazingly no DOA parts and I put it together in a couple of evenings.

Idle temps are sub 30 degrees and it only hits the mid 50s playing Starfield on maxed out settings.(And better yet Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield are not crashing multiple times an hour using my old I5-3750K 1070ti system.

No RGB - just nice quiet and black.