Annoyed Rant: Ship Showdown

I hate that the argo has this geek-chic following and that people are creating accounts in bulk to skew the votes. It’s dumb and annoying. I own one, it’s fine, but it’s not better than the Ares or Carrack, or literally any other ship, at least IMHO.


I don’t take it too personal really. It’s just a marketing ploy to be able to build a top 4 finalist package with a special skin and price it really high to drive more sales. I have no plans on opening my wallet for the foreseeable future. So I vote for who I like if I even remember to stop by to cast a vote ( I think I have missed about a third of the votes so far).

And then there is those that just vote against previous winners becuase they the think it shouldn’t be in the current lineup for the contest.


Oh, not taking it personally, just…annoyed :slight_smile: I’m also not buying anything, I just get annoyed when people game systems.

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I can understand that. I hadn’t heard that people were doing that. But I am not surprised really. It’s not about competition anymore the only outcome that is accepted is winning. No such thing as friendly rivalry and being happy when it was a good effort on both sides and your side lost.

So people will do whatever they need to just to try to guarantee the win.


Yeah, match-fixing, kill swapping, etc. Just annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, for whatever reason it made me lose interest in the event.

Same here. I voted for MSR in the finals, and it looked like it might win until the very end. Hmmm… reminds me of 2020. I took the money I was planning to spend in November and donated it to a charity, but not the Red Cross. Maybe if they fend off the meme crowd next year, I’ll think about giving CIG more money. Until then, NADA.

The frigging forklift won the whole thing. over 3 million backers, but only 30k or so folks voted. so many people have moved on.

That’s because after so many years it’s the same tired thing over and over again.