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I’ll look at the Anvil Arrow, but from what I’ve seen it’s another “glass cannon that punches above its weight class”, which I have plenty of.

Toruk is a grump. I’ve been building computers since before there were computers. I interned at the Johnson space center, on Univac systems, and I still love them. I built the internet (literally, installed many of the core routers at universities and defense installations, the “backbone” so to speak) and love it too :slight_smile:

Totally missed Yetis comment. Sim is right, “goals” are in no way obligations, they established this long ago.

TZ himself, the man who owns the PU, has said numerous times that the PU is simply too big to put on private servers, so while it may happen in some form in the future, there is no plan for it now. He’s on video saying this in SXSW back in '15.

SQ42 will be a small, Freelancer-sized version of a “private server” in that it’s a single player game that you can fly around in, but CIG back-burnered the idea of private servers 3 years ago and, having spoken to TZ personally about it as recently as this October (private servers are big for me too) CIG’s position has not changed. The PU is a multi-servered environment that is too vast and complex to be able to put on private servers.

Quiz Free Fly Event (copied from reddit)

So there is a little Quiz (Found here/ “Take the quiz” top of the page.), The following answers came from this post // All credit & Answers brought by: evilspyre, BeautifulFather007, Arkin87, Barecgesh & chiggerv7 I just collected them here.) For The quick & short version, look down this post.

This quiz will give you a badge & a certificate. ***“Congratulations. Your mastery and knowledge of all things aerospace have earned you an official Ship Master Spectrum Badge and Certificate”***

Quiz Link:

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