Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Anyone else sheltering in place while keeping Animal Crossing in the background? If you’re passing some time in ACNH and want another island to visit to sell your native fruit or scout out a better price for turnips, drop a line here. I don’t really know how the whole island-visiting thing works, but I’ll happily research a bit if there’s interest. :slight_smile:

Design’s island: Newer York
Native Fruit: Apple
Turnip Price (4/7 PM): 36 bells :frowning:


I’ve picked up Animal Crossing, as well. It’s a nice chill game experience, I enjoy spending some time ingame relaxing before bed. :sunglasses:

I’m an Animal Crossing novice, my take is that this game is brilliant, the developers are geniuses, and Nintendo gave them the time needed to release a masterpiece. :+1:

I have not done any island visiting, my impression is that you have to be online at the same time, and open up your airport gate to visitors?

Island name: Shambhala
Native Fruit: Apple

Heya @Falkenstein,

I think that’s how it works, but I’m not sure either. I know a few people playing it but haven’t exchanged any info. I think there are codes that you enter in to identify the person you want to visit.

I restarted my island, so its native fruit is now cherries. I can look into the visitation steps if you end up looking for a venue to sell your apples at a better price. :slight_smile:

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I think I do need to get into the island visiting, but I’m so casual that I have not worried much about progression … it does seem like a “marathon” type of game, that I’ll likely enjoy at a slow pace over a long time. :smile:

Have you encountered fruits other than apples and cherries? I did receive some pears in the mail, and found some cherries on an island that I visited with a ticket. I think I had heard early on that the four island fruits come in pairs, so that you can only get the other fruit of your pair from the random islands, that for the other two need to visit with other players. If that is true, sounds like we’ll need to get oranges and peaches from visiting player islands who don’t mind if we pick some and bring it back to plant?

Here’s a good article on how it all works. The rundown is towards the end of the article. The beginning is about how people have been scammed.

TL;DR is that it’s safest to add people as a Friend. They can shake trees and pick flowers but can’t harvest other resources. Best Friends can do more stuff, including breaking rocks, taking trees, etc.


That’s a great article, thanks! :sunglasses:

If anyone wants to do island visits (and maybe do some friendly hybrid watering) , I have fallen into the Animal Crossing hole pretty hard :slight_smile:

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I’ve been playing off and on after spending a LOT of time in it in the beginning. If I get back on with any regularity, I’ll definitely let you know @Mabyn.

I play this daily - it’s pretty much consumed my free time since it launched. If anyone is still playing feel free to send a message in Discord and I will share my DA and Friend code.

I just picked up this game after playing my granddaughters - I would love to connect with anyone still playing?
I have subscribed to Nintendo Online, but am not sure what to do from there.

My Island name is Langerhans

RIck Mills (Liloo)