Am I the only one enjoying the Disney live-action remakes?

This is an article talking about the Disney live-action remake “hate bandwagon” and I’m curious: does anyone else enjoy them?

I mean, I have criticisms for them and they’re not perfect, but they’re usually decent and I’m especially not going to tear apart ones that haven’t even come out.

Disney Remakes – Why So Much Hate?

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I love them!

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The only one I’ve seen has been Beauty and the Beast, and I enjoyed it. Gaston’s sidekick LeFou was obviously gay and I could have done without that being played up, but overall I thought it was well done.

From the trailer for Aladin, I probably won’t see it. The trailer looks good, Will Smith is a good and funny actor but Robin Williams was just too good in the animated version. I think, with so much dialog and music the same, it will be impossible for me to not make the comparison between the two and be a bit disappointed with the new version.