Am I the only one bananas over BG3?

I know it’s only 4-player multiplayer, but I can’t get over how amazing the game looks. I’ve a few 100 hours of EA play and the updates/changes I saw in the panel plus other interviews, I can not wait for this to come out. And they pulled it in 30 days, which is unheard of. My dance card is about to be completely filled for the next several months.

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I’ve been steadfastly ignoring this game because it has been in early access for f’ing ever and I find protracted EA’s a bit of a bait and switch. Show me the money!

However, when they announced the release is just around the corner, I perked up and started looking at some gameplay footage, etc. I just finished watching the release showcase, and I haven’t been this excited for a game release in years. Consider me suitably hooked, standing with my face pressed against the glass, chanting “Open, open, open!”.

I loved the original games, and this looks like everything I could wish for from a souped up, modernized successor. Fingers crossed.

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I’m looking forward to it, but like @mosselyn I have avoided it aside from some news bits here and there so I go in fresh. Also I don’t have any time to play another game that is in EA. I am trying to finish the 5 or 6 games I am rotating right now so I am ready for fall with BG# and Starfield.

I am slightly disappointed that Bladesinger Wizard did not make it into the game, but I guess will have to live with playing the Magus class in the Pathfinder video games.

I played in EA a few times but have not in the past few months as I wanted to start fresh when it comes out. Between this and Starfield I am not sure if I will have time to eat or sleep. :slight_smile: eheheh, of course I have to have my nap. That is non-negotiable. I love being retired.

I’d not done EA for a few months but fired it up recently to see some of the changes. I’ve about 200 hours of EA play, and am SO excited for the launch. 70 hours for a “speed” run, 170 hours of cut scenes, super replayable, choices really matter, etc. Just insane.

I bought in very early on when it went on sale and only spent a few hours on it then. Didn’t want to burn out on it. Buying early I believe got you the deluxe for free. I’m also happy in runs in Geforce Now which means max graphics :grin:

You only get to see part of chapter 1 in the early…or I didnt get to far. And I have played thru maybe 5 of the classes to see what things were like. It’s so much fun to play. I cant wait for full the release and be able to see the rest of the world they crafted, more classes, etc. Havent tried co-op, but will for sure on release. Fantastic game.

Yup, only Act I, and only up to lvl 4, though xp was elevated in the EA, we’ll level slower when it goes live.

Hit me up at launch, let’s start a coop together. I am super stoked for this to release. Been in early access playing it since day 1 and cannot wait for release

I have never speed run anything ever so I can’t imagine what 70 is like for that. But I will visit every corner of the realm, drink in every tavern, address every NPC, break every barrel, see EVERYTHING.

I’m the anti speed run

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I’m exactly the same way, of course. That’s actually a concern of mine. Playing act I in EA, I hit lvl 4 with like 15% of the act done. I know they used elevated XP but what if I hit lvl 12 in act 1 because I’m turning over every rock? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well don’t break the rum barrels unless you are going to drink it all… :slight_smile:

Level 12, reminds me of the cap at launch with DDO. I don’t like it, but I am wondering if they intend to add some expansions and raise the cap with those, which I would be hopeful of…

So for COOP, are you thinking a static group at a regular time/day? I could probably do something like that. I personally like to play a Barb Dwarf but I can play a rogue as well. The game will probably never finish…

Mods will raise it as well, but DLC and expansions will too. On co-op, the key is that everyone is at least somewhat aligned on the type of playthrough. If you’re playing a paladin and I’m Dark Urge and murdering all of the NPCs, it MAY affect your playthrough :slight_smile:

For me, I’ll be doing a solo play through first, turning over every stone, listening to every dialog, which can be REALLY annoying in a co-op game. Once I’ve seen everything I’ll be more interested in playing with others. I’m one of those ADHD guys that gets upset if you start a quest or dialog and I miss it when I’ve never seen it before, or don’t pick what I want for the choices when I’m looking for something specific.

Are you ready? Huh? Are you? (Fingers crossed downloading the game isn’t a train wreck first day…)

Don’t forget to remove your EA saved games, fellow nerds.

Heck I am planning on that same thing, turning over every rock, poking at every thing underneath said rocks, all the dialogues all that stuff. That’s why I never pug these co-op games because the random players often irritate me with their need to rush through everything.

Kilroy Jenkins!!!

90 min left on my download, yay.

Is this a good looking Orc or what?!!!

GeForce Now for the win! :grimacing::grin: