Alter Titan - Fitness Mobile Game

Tired of getting beat by kiddies whose only skill is warming a couch for 8+ hours a day with a controller in their hands? Me too!

Found something on Kickstarter called Alter Titan that ends on September 18th. It’s a mobile game that links with your fitness wearable, and the cool thing is you gain experience to level your game character via your real world workouts. There isn’t a ton of information on the Kickstarter page itself, but they have an active discord with a wealth of information and conduct livestreams.

Personally I’ve been hoping for more things that link real world healthy activities with games. Not simply because I (and my future kids) moving around is better than sitting on a couch all day, but because as we get older and have more adult responsibilities we shouldn’t have to give up gaming to make the healthier choice of working out instead. I’m not going to end up being Titan Beefcake, but I am looking forward to this title.