Alpha one phase 1 & phase 2 check e-mail/spam folder

Testing going on in middle of week.
Below is a portion of the e-mail:
This week we will be running scheduled tests Tuesday through Thursday. We will also run some additional spot testing which will be announced on Discord, so be sure to keep an eye on the #alpha_stress_test_news channel!

Again we will be testing many new things, including Questing, Experience Gain, Armory and items, as well as MANY backend systems.

I got in game a moment ago and it appeared to be just the Battle Royal, hope I get to do some quest :).

Anyone try out this phase yet? I’ll be at work during the time frame of this test and wont be able to check it out sadly

I can’t get in. When I register like the letter said and used the required email I get “This email is already in use.” Then I tried again later and the register page won’t even show up…got an error. I’m about to the point of not caring all that much…with any of the games I funded. Too many problems. Yes, it’s early in the process. Maybe that’s telling me to wait until it comes out normally. I don’t have time to play all the games I have now! :smiley:
So if you guys get in…have a ton of fun!

Add-on to this; those eligible for beta keys, please check your email starting in the first week of December 2019 - significant change to those participating in alpha testing. There is instructions for creating a persistent alpha testing ID. Its critical you follow these instructions as the login created will be used for ALL alpha testing going forward including once they get to quest-style testing in 2019.

Trying it out now, so far haven’t made it past the lobby but hotfix soon so hopefully that fixes things