Alpha/Beta for "Marauders" and general info

Hello fellow Old Time gamers…

I did not see a mention of this game that is in development, and is currently offering an Alpha/Beta test event with discounted buy in to the event and game. Not looking to make a Chapter. I just thought I would share since it might interest others. Hope my first attempt at posting with tags meets expectations.

Marauders: FPS multiplayer game

So a coworker was looking for a Tarkov like game, and I found this gem while looking at game reviews. I am not much into the survival/escape loot hoarding games, but this one does have some decent loot hoarding, cosmetic/mod gameplay that did grab me. The current Alpha/Beta event runs until July 26, and offers a $27 buy in.

The game world is a steampunk space theme. The general idea is a raid party forms, gears up to support each other, and then picks a mission/target. Other teams are also doing this as well. The maps being played on are set up with a transit via ship to the raid site, and once at the raid site have multiple dock points for access. There is a limited time on site, limited carry space for loot, and the constant threat from other players, and NPC threats. Team loots what they can then tries to escape the raid site, and then navigate to an exit point in space. The raid team is not safe in space since ships can fire to disable, and then a boarding action take place.

Once you escape you can keep/sell loot, hand in missions, level up, and also see about customizing gear with mods. There might be crafting, but the review I saw did not mention this fully. Players killed in mission can’t be revived, so supporting team members is important as well as tactical looting.

Hope this might be helpful, and maybe helps some find a game they will enjoy.

(UPDATE) I bought in to give a try. It is actually not to bad. You get experience for time played, so even if you are killed before getting to the raid site you will earn something. Granted surviving earns you more, and mission success adds more reward. Crafting is a thing, as are cosmetic unlocks. Even ships can be made, modified, customized. Solo play is hard due to the team pvp design, but it can be done. I have watched a 2 v 4 where the 2 beat the 4. Heard claims that a solo can beat a team of 4, but would assume the solo had beat tier gear.

Interesting concept. Too old to play that, though :smiley:

Thanks for posting it for those who love this stuff!