Alpha 3.12 trading basics

Hello to all. I have personally been wanting to write a few suggestions on trading in the SC Alpha. In the last week since its release I have seen basic game function changes, to include NPC damage resistances and a basic version of Commodity dynamic pricing. I’m talking about trading here so someone else can talk about the other if they want to.

To start with, In trading it takes money to make money. You need to buy from a dealer in order to sell at a trading terminal. No matter what the size of your cargo hold, the real limiter here is how much cash can you spend on a load? I don’t recommend you spend more than half of your cash supply at a given time on a given trading run. The unstable state of the alpha is one reason, the other is things happen. Piracy itself is in the game but not turned on right now for the 3.12 build. At least not at the writing of this article.

Prices have changed, or what I should say is they have become dynamic. I have 3 price changes from the same sale terminal that i have used for the last 3 trading runs. The price changes aren’t a lot per unit, but if your a bulk hauler, the difference will be huge. This is a gamblers profession so don’t get upset at the game if you lose the farm on a bad haul.

I can’t confirm this because I don’t have a large freighter, but It seems currently the NPC outposts only sell in 1k lots. Also trading terminals at Loreville and the other major planets/cities only buy in 1k lots. If you haul that much or more be aware of those limits. You can trade in medical supplies, there is good money in it, but the outposts only buy 50 SCU/24 hour period.

This is my opinion only but as I see it there are going to be commodities that every planet/moon/station are going to need all in common. Water, especially A18, food, medical supplies. These are always going to be in demand. so safe hauling will always be ingame.

That’s all I have for now, if anyone has anything to add or any corrections please let us know.