Any Alita fans out there? I just finished watching a low res digital version of the movie and Immediately had to go on Amazon and pre ordered the 4K version of the movie. Epic movie! Best I’ve seen in years and probably James Cameron’s best work since Terminator 2. I’m kicking myself now for not catching it in Imax. The way the CGI team was able to capture Rosa’s emotions in a CGI character was unreal. If you haven’t seen it and your at all interested in sci-fi, comic, or anime I highly recommend giving Alita a shot


Yeah I really liked this move was great.

I really enjoyed this movie also, I saw it in the theater, but not Imax. I’ve had this on pre-order for about a month, looking forward to watching it again. I thought it was a really good story and excellent special effects. I am very much hoping sequels are forthcoming.

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I saw it in the theater, really enjoyed it, as well. I’ve also had the 4K UHD on pre-order since May, Amazon has notified me that it’s been shipped and on the way to me for a Tuesday delivery. :sunglasses:

Went looking for me old post on this and remembered it was in the old forums.
Darn old brain. :brain:

Loved reading the manga in the 90’s, and had a laserdisk (the big clunky kind) of the attempt at getting an anime in the same era. Enjoyed both. Then when I heard how much Cameron loved it around the same time I was, and how it became a bit of a white whale for him to get made. I always thought it interesting Avatar came about to get the money and technical details right to, ‘…make Battle Angel as it should be.’

I’ve not yet seen the current make, but it’s on my Rainy Day list of things to watch.

I’ve got to see this! It looks really awesome! <3


If anyone is interested in how they filmed this masterpiece I found this behind the scenes video on YouTube.


FYI~You can order it on VUDU now, in UHD (4K) :smile:
Got my digital copy last week…digital seems to release same time as rental/netflix/hulu :wink:

I saw it in the theater even though I have never had anything to do with the manga (or is the animated version considered anime). Saw it with my bro and his girlfriend and she didn’t really care for the movie all that much (she prefers horror and drama), but my bro and I both liked it. I’m gonna rent it this week to give it another viewing.

Also, I have a crush on Rosa Salazar so that helps hehe…

Also also, the actor that played Vector is tagged to play Blade in the remake which I’m not really feeling. I don’t mind the guy as an actor at all, but I’m not getting a Blade vibe from him at all.

Also also also, is it just me or does anyone else think Edward Norton as Nova looks like a longer haired James Cameron in the film?