Aliens Fireteam

So I picked up Aliens Firesteam Elite yesterday despite my inner adult telling me not to buy another game and definitely don’t buy it if it’s not on sale and of course I didn’t listen. I’ve only played a little bit doing some random grouping and the randoms I got were decent aside from not stopping to look for the hidden caches. I have yet to play it solo with the NPC bots, I hear they aren’t that great. Overall I’m liking the game so far it’s a pretty standard fare lobby-based horde shooter akin to Left for Dead, World War Z and similar type games. 4 classes to choose from with varying abilities and weapon sets and a perk system to customize and upgrade characters. There’s even a challenge card system to set variables during missions for extra payout.

I’m wondering if anyone else is playing this and is interested in running a static OTG group? I had one other person express interest in playing so really only would need one more for a static group or anyone that want to join up for some grouping hit me up I’m Ryukan on steam.