Alchemy (and raiding) is changing....flasks are going away

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Phials look interesting, but with no cauldron, people will need to get anything they want crafted prior to Raiding.

I wouldn’t expect any Alchemist will want to sit there and mass craft these things prior to any content so placing work orders well in advance will be the best way to make sure you have enough for the night.

Plus it looks like the extended buff won’t be automatically given to all Alchemists.

I can see playing around with these multiple times in fights just trying to work out the best combinations for the mechanics involved that works or your playstyle.


Just when bliz says they are streamlining things, they throw into the mix multiple steps for things that normally would be straight forward, easy to do/use and obtain. They simplify in one area and totally complicate an area that really doesn’t need to be complicated. They could have just left the cauldrons alone and added the other items for folks who wanted something more specific.

I’ll make sure my alchemist gets into specializing in phials. Hopefully I can specialize in more than just one area. If not that will be a PITA.

I think the main reason they are stepping away from Cauldrons is that not everyone needs an Int Buff

And the ability to fine tune how you want to play is what they are giving you.

I look at it as the Night Fae Queen’s Conservatory model being re-used (out of the 4 covenants, it was the only real crafting one)

In case you never played Night Fae, think of a field with 6 Wildseeds connected via dirt plots.
You had your WildSeeds - with the amount available unlocked based on your Rank (think Skill level)

The Dirt Plots (Think Reagent Choice) could have one of three Flowers used to buff the final product out of the Wildseed.

Green was for Speed - how quickly did you want it to finish. (mass crafters for AH will want this)

Blue was for Quantity - how many of the items did you want to acquire (potion duplicates are back baby!)

Purple was for Quality - Bump those Blue rewards to the Purple category and also acquire Toys/Mounts (time gated apparently based on the soulbound mats dropping off the bosses - think BFA Eternal Palace or Sanctum of Domination currency drops needed for upgrades). Again, if your farming these bosses and your slot item doesn’t drop it is still a bad luck protection to help gear you.

Each Wildseed was implanted with one of 4 “seeds” based on the covenants. (Seeds had 4 versions also, Green, Blue, Purple, & Orange) So you could max out the reward type by using the Orange (Legendary) with 3 Purple Quality buffs for the highest possible reward. (So think Inspiration mixed with Skill & Reagents to get those highest quality items before you actually have the ability to craft them 100%)

Again, this system reminds me the most of what they are attempting to do with the new crafting systems.


That is a great explanation…thanks for that detail. It certainly is making better sense now that you put it that way.