Albion Add Me

new to Albion but im already hooked add me on here please. need some friends XD “Draxxion”

You must complete your membership application and become a member to get an in-game invite. I believe our guild is currently not active in this game. @Viking, can you comment?

The guild for this game is almost completely inactive. Joining it would be choosing to play more or less solo with an OTG tag. It is certainly an option for existing members but it would probably not be the most effective way to play this game. I think the few OTG members that do play regularly are in other guilds that were allied with us when we were still active.
That said I would still encourage you to complete your OTG application because we are in a lot of different games. We are a bigger community than any one game.


Greatly appreciated. Just so yall are aware it is free to play now and the beginners pack if you want to play premium (you don’t have to) is only 10$ now. Just letting you know if you weren’t aware. Again though I plan to be a huge part of this guild XD

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