Al Sundan Buggy

I jumped on about 8pm EDT tonight (Friday June 29th) and played on the Al Sundan map (Leveled up the Tides of War tree too). It was pretty fun. It has an urban feel to it (CQC), but it is buggy. I know LevelCap mentioned this and even illustrated that hitching and skipping is pretty bad (most game modes). You’ll experience that on AL Sundan as well. Currently I was only able to play it in Death Match mode. Downed players can sometimes float as though they’re still alive and their firearm will be sticking through their head.

Quite a few players were just camping corners of the map since the area for Death Match is mainly in the housing area. LevelCap mention that the housing was Copy Paste from BF1. Over all it was pretty fun, but I’m betting Conquest will be a lot better. I didn’t have any issues in regular Conquest Mode (performance wise), but there are a TON OF BOYS players still.