Air Force may put Angry Kitten in planes for electronic warfare edge

When I first saw this title, I assumed a live kitten would be thrown into an Air Force plane for electronic warfare edge… silly me but the first thing that popped into my mind was trying to imagine how that was going to help.

Then I read the article and low and behold, its a program that is being used in training:

The Air Force has used Angry Kitten in tests and training for years, outfitting aggressor squadrons with the gear to harass trainees and replicate electronic assaults. Lessons learned from using the device have “dramatically shaped the direction” of the service, it said Aug. 3.

Here is the link to the full story:

On a side note I was actually thinking in terms of our online games and wondered if that could become a dungeon, world or raid boss.

All I can see in my head now is pissed of kittens doing HALO insertions onto the battlefield.


Managed to get good look at that image since it did not show up in the actual article. Wow what a training environment.

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Where’s its tiny parachute though?


My first thought on seeing this was " Mother Hitton’s Littul Kittons." A sci-fi story by Cordwainer Smith…