AION relaunch anyone?

Hey all,

I see that AION is having a massive reboot set to come out on October the 24th. It seems that they are revamping the game in a sort of relaunch. Is anyone else interested in checking it out? Or are there already plans for this and I just missed the discussion? I haven’t played this game in a very long time but I seem to remember I enjoyed it.



I played at launch, and gave it a good shot. But there just wasn’t a whole lot to do aside form grind mobs.

And from what I understand about this ‘relaunch’, there’s now even less areas, and pretty much only grind.

So no. I’m not even remotely interested in returning.

Aion’s very pretty, and that was all it had going for it at launch. (Well, the combat system was kind of neat, but…)

it was really badly paced so yes, you’d clear all of the quests in an area and have to spend several levels grinding mobs before you could go to the next area and start the process over.

Worse was the horrible, horrible pvp.

To give you an idea why it sucked - in a lot of MMOs, monsters that are higher level than you have an arbitrary chance to dodge/resist your attack, usually at the rate of 10% per level of difference.

Aion’s the only game where I’d seen the programmers apply that principle to PVP as well, made even worse if the higher level player was well-geared.

And so you’d have roaming kill teams of the opposite faction roaming the the leveling zones, who were actually getting exp and abyss points while being effectively invincible against players only 5 levels below them. So yeah, you’d be trying to level and just periodically get stomped with no hope of fighting back, and it was completely worth it for the players doing it. Like, it wasn’t just a dick thing to be doing, but it was what they were actually supposed to be doing to get pvp rewards.

It was terrible.

I was hoping the relaunch would fix some of the pvp issues but if not I am with you.

I know at least me and one other person will be trying it out again. Wasn’t sure if there was an in game guild just sitting there waiting or should we try and find another group to join.

I have it downloaded and planned on trying it out.