AI Generated Characters

Described my druid to an AI generator, and I think it did a pretty good job! Picked my 2 favorites, but the 1st one is the best!


Anyone else have some fun ones?

I used Image Creator from Microsoft Bing Someone recommended it because it was free, and it seems to work well for this.


That is too cool

This is awesome! I am going to try it!
Thank you,

I just got these using “lawful good paladin.” The generator was taking a long time so I logged out and came back in later. Next time I will have to specify gender (male) and a few other things, but this is very cool!

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I was a bit more specific this time and I used a “boost” feature. Need to work skin color, hair style, etc for the next round. Still, this is nice! Wish I look this good IRL!


How do you do it? I wanna try!!!

Click the link (or find another AI image generator) and describe what you want the image to be. Then wait.

I just Googled Microsoft AI Image generator. Pretty easy to use and I look forward to creating more images.

A few from some friends of mine:

EjXHOum (1) - Copy

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Fantastic. Love the cat!!

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