Agamenmom status UPDATE! He is awake

Update: I have good news this morning! Agamenmom is awake and breathing on his own. that is all I know for now.

I am at a loss for words, but I will try. Agamenmom’s sister texted me this morning. Ags (as many of us call him), attempted suicide and is in the hospital with a 10% chance of survival. I was on his list of people to contact. I have known him for almost 20 years, and he has always been the giving person many of you have seen. He has struggled with PTSD and depression since I have known him. Please keep him in your thoughts, and prayers. I will update as I get more information.

It would be great to hear any memories you have of him. I know he helped out many people in the guild.


Although I’ve not known him, I shall keep him in my thoughts. I know the anguish his family must be feeling as my eldest son went this way 30 years ago. I am hoping he pulls through…PTSD is a tough nut to crack no matter the cause.



Kelly and I are truly sorry to hear this. We remember Ags from New World, and the superior attention to crafting he did for the guild.

He and his family are in our thoughts, and we are sending well-wishes.


Ags considered me his brother even though we weren’t related. I’ve known him 20 years or more. I was also on the list of people to contact. There are so many memories but right now he’s still here with us.

Ags brother I know you can’t see this but I love you man. I’m praying you pull through this.


Ags and I are brothers as well. He was a groomsman at my wedding, and he even lived with us (my wife and I) for a time.
Weve been thru so many good times together it would be hard to list them all. Shackles was there for a lot of them as well. Ags I love you, Brother. Pull thru this. You are loved, and you have worth.


Always the enjoyable gent in game! He brought a smile and chuckles here and there.
I don’t know him from elsewhere IRL, though he shared a few of his challenges on limited occasions.

I’m saddened to learn of his current status. My thoughts and prayers are with him, his family, and friends.

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My heart and prayers go out to Ag. He is one of the most giving people I have ever met and is a true inspiration.

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My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. He is a great person and g
lad to hear he is awake and breathing.

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I have always enjoyed playing and chatting with Ags in New World. For a person who has had more than his share of difficulties he always put up a cheery front and was always a pleasure to be on Discord with.
I am still using the hatchet he made for me way back when I first turned 60 and I think of him whenever I use it. He is always giving and I am hopeful that I will get the chance to share some time with him soon.

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I am truly sorry to hear this and I hope that he gets the help he needs. As someone struggling with depression myself, can confirm it’s a demon. I can’t imagine having PSTD on top of it. I hope he pulls through and goes on to read just how much we care for him and what he means to those around him.

Good news that he is awake!

I spoke to aggs Today and he just got out of the mental facility and has been placed in a home by the VA. He has an Obama Phone atm, and i told him about the 10gb Internet available now to lower income persons. Also about Computer Ministry, or to see if anyone like that is in his area to try to get him into some kind of computer system, even an I5 micro with the GeForce Now 10 dollars a month would get him gaming again and help reduce his stress levels. If you ever need to reach out to him next time just reach out to me i can call him. He is doing better and wishes his OTG family well and he misses you all. His phone at this time cant do internet because his limited minutes otherwise he would be in discord. Thanks everyone for all the kind words he told me to say, and to tell Canook to lay off the Moose Milk!


I got to know Ags playing New World. I immediately saw what an amazing person he is! Kind, funny, giving, caring, always ready to help someone or share their load - Ags, I hope you can soon read here how much you are valued and loved, and how you make so many lives better just by being you! I’m lifting you up, and also your son and your family and friends who love you. You are needed and have more to do here :heart: :saluting_face:

Prayers. Lots of Prayers.
As a veteran who has also struggled with PTSD & Depression for years, my heart and hugs go out to him.
Tearful & broken hearted I send positive thoughts and prayers.
Healing & Peace :cry:

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Wishing you well friend, nice talking with you in discord when we played

Ags is someone who’s been with me in many games. He’s just there…and so very helpful. Someone yells in guild chat and he says he’ll do it. That was Agamenmom. One of the favourites in this guild. Sending love, hugs and prayers his way. Maybe we’ll see him again.

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I am very happy Ags is still with us. I am pretty sure I have been in more than one game with him. As someone who likes to craft in the games as well, I am pretty sure we shared a lot of crafting jokes… and he was one to frequently get a laugh out of my foot in mouth moments.