Affliction Warlock "C" Class for the New 9.1 Raid

Never a good sign for your preferred spec for raiding in the 9.1 Sanctum of Domination DPS predictions

Xyronic said:

“The only reason I haven’t personally rated Affliction C- or lower is because it has the ability to swap to either Demonology or Destruction”

I am so tired of Bliz hanging my affliction warlock out to dry. I can run Destro, but I like Affliction and so I am shelving mine for the time being since I’ve shifted my main to my Ele Shaman.

I can’t compete with the better players anyway but at least when SL first came out and gave my Afflic spec some love, I was a happy camper. At least I could do better than dead last for a change. Argh…

You’ve always got us Lyn, to try to keep you alive whilst you kick their asses. :slight_smile:

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After seeing Affliction Locks performance in Heroic Sanctum this week, Blizzard is rolling out the last class tuning prior to the Mythic Race to World First.

While it may more may not change the spec enough for the Raid, this is a nice addition to the strong AOE Seeds Build for Mythic+ once we can craft the Covenant Legendary.


  • Affliction
    • Damage of all spells increased by 5%.