Advise on low level crafting

So i’ve been doing random crafting, armor, weapons and the such. Question is what do I do with all this beginner stuff I make like level 1-10 items … vendor?

Thought I read about breaking them down for mats but no idea how that works. Btw my crafting levels are still under 10

When you get to level 20? you can get retainers and sell stuff on the marketboard (auction house), and the ‘breaking down’ thing is called “Desynthesize” which I don’t know at which level you normally get it.

If you’re in the guild in-game, just ask there for more specifics, there are generally some of us crafter types around (like me…)

I haven’t joined the guild yet. Currently on the free trial to see if the game will stick. So far so good!

I read something about the desynthesize and apparently its level 30 so I got a ways to go. Just didn’t know if it’s worth storing all these bronze daggers and stuff till I get there.

As long as you have the space, no reason not to :slight_smile: That’s my motto!