Advice sought on best 'base' for a small org?

Hey everyone. I’ve been playing through a lot of missions I don’t normally do, like the ‘missing persons’ ones and the bounty hunting, and having great fun, actually!

Doing the other types of missions though got me thinking about my fleet. I’m not going to bore you with the whole thing but I realised today while looking at accepting 2 missions at the same time, one a bounty and one a delivery, that with my Freelancer MIS just destroyed, I didn’t have another ship that had space for cargo/ packages but was also a really competent fighter. So I had to do them one at a time, do the bounty in my Bucc then switch to my 125A to do the delivery.

So doing the different missions throws up these questions:

a. Any advice on the best ship that is a capable fighter but has decent storage space (and a bed)? Cutty Black?
b. What’s the best small-org ‘flying base’ to get? I had a Polaris but melted it, then heard they’re making the hangar bigger but that’s still only going to house 1 other ship, and I have a Kraken but I’m thinking now that it might have been a mistake. I love it but not sure how often I’ll really use it. Is there another, better option?
c. Are there any (or going to be any) alien ships that have a bed, for logging out, besides the Banu Defender?

thanks all. I’m really enjoying Invictus week and this build seems to be so much more stable. Have been completing 3-package delivery missions with no bugs (a rarity until now, for me) and having fun, as I mentioned, with the bounty hunting and derelict missions, would encourage any OTG-ers that have been holding off for a while to get back into it! :man_dancing:

Sounds like you need something like the Kraken or Idris. Tending to multiple ships would be no issue but you will need to crew them. The Endeavor is supposed to be capable of mounting a hangar bay at 30m x 60m x 10m according to an old Q&A.

Thanks Prof - I have a Kraken, as I mentioned, but I think it may be too big/ much. I have an Endeavour Hope with the additional hangar though, so maybe you’re right, that could be the one.

The Endeavor is a great option but is FAR out from being implemented in game.

The Idris is actually a good ship for what you describe as a mobile base. It is a bit smaller than the Kraken but still holds 2 fighters easily.

As for a second hauler/fighter, the Cutlass is not a terrible option. I personally love the MSR. The firepower from the pilot’s seat is only 2xS3 gimballed but the twin size 2 shields makes it a beast. And if you happen to get one person in a turret it is a really nice combat ship, fill both turrets and it is incredible.

If you are looking for something with a decent amount of cargo that can stand up in a fight, there are the following options:

  • MSR
  • Cutlass Black
  • Constellation Andromeda
  • Avenger Titan (small but capable)
  • 600 (not recommended but doable)
  • Reliant Kore (smaller but a sleeper that will come into its own soon)

And of course the best option is probably the Freelancer, but you already knew that :wink:

The 315P has a bed also has 12 SCU’s and a tracker beam and good range. Kore has more guns but half the SCU’s (6).

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