Advice for a married/partnered FFXIV player

Hello OTG!

I am applicant of the web guild here, and anyhow hello. I play FFXIV about every day, on the Exodus server (unfortunately not where OTG has an FC as I understand).

So I am playing FFXIV with my wife, we are working through the MSQ together in lieu of watching TV at night when she comes home from work. We started in December 2018.

We will probably be done in a few weeks, after 6 months of playing we are now 1/2 done with Shadowbringers (we just hit lvl 74 in MSQ last night).

We enjoy our Free Company, there are some friendly folks there that we appreciate, and have been in it for probably 4 months or so.

So my question is for suggestions to how best to spend my time in-game when not playing the MSQ. I play during the day while she is at work. I retired a few years ago so have more time on my hands. I have spent the in-game time leveling alt classes & jobs, and doing a lot of crafting. And marketboard sales for small items, nothing spectacular there but is steady gil.

I am at the Moogle quests for crafting right now for 2 classes, soon to be more, so level 50’s.

I really have more busywork in a day than I can keep up with between Moogle quests, Grand Company craft turn ins, and doing leveling duties. And then MSQ at night for an hour or two with my partner.

The one thing I know that I am missing is really deeply learning 1 job. And this concept of raiding in a static. I started with a tank, but backed off of that and focused on doing dps jobs until I can learn the dungeons (?). My goodness there are so many dungeons and trials that can pop up with the leveling duty!

Where to focus my energy in Final Fantasy is now my issue I guess. The standard advice I hear is to finish the MSQ. But I can not speed that along.

whew if you read this far, thanks, hope I did not bore you to much! The game is really fun. We get a lot of miles out of it in many different ways.


Since you have free time to experiment, dabble with all the classes. Find the ones you really enjoy and work on leveling them up in your free time if they aren’t currently your main. There are a number of ways to level, some more mind numbing than others (PotD comes to mind). My method is go work on fates / beast tribes while cued for the highest level dungeon I can go into. I lose out on a few fate completions but i get the kill exp and I find dungeons much more pleasurable and helpful learning how to play a class. This game is about the story, and while there is end game raiding available, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is no right or wrong answer, you just have to find what you enjoy. Mount farming, minion farming, glamour farming are also possibilities. Try as many things as you can, pursue those you find fun and shelve the others for a retry at a later date.

Airen (Ariki Ko FFXIV CO)

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Thanks for the ideas Airen!

The new FATE system is much improved in my mind. I enjoy it much more since ShB dropped.

I know personally, I don’t craft. I don’t really enjoy crafting in any game really. Most games like this I make plenty of money playing the market board(Buying Low/Selling High). That can be a fun activity since the best method to do this right is to actively check other servers for prices to flip a profit on. With that in mind that could indeed be seen as busywork if you want but me personally I love doing that.

Another thing you could do is enjoy the true end game GLAMOUR! Yes, you may have heard, you may have seen others in amazing, fantastic clothing/armor. Making great sets is hard work and it is the true end game(it’s not a meme anymore promise!) If your reading this unsure what to think…Don’t worry I’ve been there as well! If you are looking for a place to get started though Check out the following website for ideas etc. eorzea collection <-- This website has tons of user-submitted Outfits to draw inspiration from. You don’t need to sign up either. If you have any questions on that be sure to ask me or someone else. I am sure a lot of people use this website.

Another thing you can do to sort of piggyback off Airen is to get to rank three in all of the new zones in Shadow Bringers. Doing this gives things Minions, Chocobo Bardings, orchestration rolls, and even Mats that are used for crafting that you can sell for profit depending on the market.

Want more? Haha! Sure ya, do! How about doing an Old Fashion Pony Farm? Bird Farm? Doggo Farm?(Pony Farm refers to the A Realm Reborn Extreme Primal Fights, Bird farm Refers to the Heavensward Extreme Primal Fights, and as you might have guessed Doggo Farm refers to the Stormblood Extreme primal fights)

Another thing to sort of cheer Airen on for their post is to set yourself a goal for the combat classes. My own personal Goal is level 70. The Jobs I won’t ever main as a job but I MIGHT have an idea about playing I get to level 70 so they are ready to go(that includes getting them a set of gear and everything).

Do you still need more? If you are making steady Gil and are Very sure you are happy where you are at currently you could get into the Housing market. By this I mean Buy a house. It can be a really cool experience to buy a house with your wife. Upon buying that house either buying or crafting all the furniture that will go into that house by yourself. The Houses I have owned have been Absolute Joys Infact here is a Virtual Tour of the last House I had.

Top Floor

Bottom Floor

If you are still looking for more to do there is tons to do like your Hunting Log Speaking of Hunts! You can join a Hunt Linkshell and go on Hunts they are a great way to make friends and make money. If you need to unlock your hunting quests I am sure Myself or someone else would be happy to help aswell. Thats all i can really think of but I hope i helped! Best of luck connecting with your Wife and i hope to see you in game!

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Hi @LazySwayze ! Thanks for the reply and all of the ideas. Wow your house is very nice. I have sat in on a few auctions so far, but have not had luck in purchase/ stuck with it to success.

And thanks for the link to the Glamour web site. Will have to check that out.

And for the explanation of the “Farm” terms. I did not know what they meant.

Want more? Haha! Sure ya, do! How about doing an Old Fashion Pony Farm? Bird Farm? Doggo Farm?(Pony Farm refers to the A Realm Reborn Extreme Primal Fights, Bird farm Refers to the Heavensward Extreme Primal Fights, and as you might have guessed Doggo Farm refers to the Stormblood Extreme primal fights)

An update on my situation: I have just completed ShB and and am now adjusting to “end game”. I still have more than enough stuff to do in any given day. Going to try a little raiding.
Not to worried now if it does not work out.

Also, here is a really interesting Reddit discussion on similar topic I just found:

The extreme primal fights can drop a mount that you can use. Collect all from a series of Primals to get an achievement mount. This can be done for each expansion. The lowest level to start collecting is 50.

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