Advance tips on Cooking 500

I watched part of the live stream about Cooking. Unlike the other crafting, cooking to 500 will be a bit different. It’s a “collection” type mechanic. In the process of doing the collection, you level up your cooking, learn new recipes, and build and upgrade a personal kitchen in your home instance(s).

(place saver to put YouTube video once they process the live stream recording)

*You need to be level 425 before you can start on the collection.
*When you hit 425, you’ll receive an ingame mail to start you on your collection.
*There is a sub-set of the collection for each of the races of Tyria.
*The personal kitchen/collection can be done in any of the racial home instances.
*Start making Bloodstone bricks. You need at least 10 from the part I saw, but probably more in the process.

Best of all…WE GET BACON!

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There are no culinary applications for bloodstone dust!

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Either buy off the trading post (expensive) or use geodes to buy the recipe (level 500 armorsmith, leatherworker, tailor) at Dry Top for Heat Stone and make 3 (1 per day).


Yea, and if you are making them, it takes 10 each onyx and molten lodestones…which are also expensive and relatively rare. One can create those in the Mystic Forge, however.

FYI during the course of completing the collection you will get 10 free levels of cooking for each of the racial chefs whose tasks you complete, so you dont have to level all the way to 500 by crafting food (unless you want to)