Addons I am using

A screenshot of my addons folder for ESO

The text file from minion is below. I think the numbers correspond to specific addon codes Minion uses, and maybe you can just use it to get a list. I am not sure.

Snydelee28Feb2020-addons.txt (316 Bytes)

I do have a zip compressed backup of my ESO addons that Minion generates via the backup function. I was going to upload it, but I think either the size (8MB) or the format (zip) is not permitted. When my son and I were first doing this game after a long hiatus, he emailed me his backup and I used minion to directly load his entire interface. If you really want it I can probably email it to you.

Brief description

  1. Action duration- this will add rapid maneuver/charging maneuver to your bar on a slot of your choosing when you mount, and it removes it when you dismount.
  2. Writworthy- tells you info about the master writ you have
  3. CombatMetrics- DPS meter for ESO
  4. Destinations- adds icons to compass showing destinations in that direction
  5. Votan’s Fish filet- rapidly filet fish
  6. Votan’s improved quests- quality of life for quests
  7. Harvestmap- puts giant icons in main game window of resources you are tracking. I like it for treasure chests
  8. Addonselector- lets you construct packages of addons, I do craft, merchant, pve, and all.
  9. Daily provisioning- quickly complete provisioning daily
  10. Skyshards- marks them on the map
  11. Wykkyd- lots of good mods, there is a suite manager that manages the collection
  12. Bugeater- traps addon bugs so they do not spam your screen
  13. VotanSearchBox- can search bags with this
  14. AdvancedFilters- lets you sort inventory and bank by sub type
  15. VotansFisherman- fishing addon
  16. Votan’simprovedLocations- improves your directory for wayshrines
  17. Lorebooks- shows lore books on map
  18. MasterMerchant- guild store addon, use on only 1 character to post stuff for sales
  19. Surveytheworld- better locations
  20. Wykyd’s Toolbar- love this, have a top bar that shows stuff like bag slots etc
  21. Alphagear- manages gear, skills. You can define a button for healing, and a button for DPS
  22. TamrielTradeCenter- up to date pricing globally
  23. Craftstore-super useful for crafting and knowing who knows what trait
  24. Rarefishtracker- lets you know which of the rare fish you caught in this zone
  25. Votan’sAdapticeSettings- on the fly graphics adjustment
  26. Mappins- more stuff for maps
  27. Azurah- lets you move stuff around on your UI
  28. Dustman- I have this auto sell junk, fence stuff. Timesaver
  29. VampireWoe- disables vampire feed if you know blade of woe, hate it when I feed by mistake
  30. Mapcoordinates- gives you coordinate locations on your map and where your cursor is
  31. Potionmaker- good for alchemy trait research and production of potions
  32. ProvisionsChalutier- a fishing addon, not sure if i will keepit
  33. VotansRuneTooltips- helpful tooltips
  34. DailyAlchemy- good for daily alchemy craft

ESO Master List and the addon for alts is not on the list, but I use it. That is the one that gives green checks next to recipes I do not know

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