Addon Settings Across Alts

Hi all! Is there an Addon that allows you to have the same setup and configuration across all of your characters? I just rolled an alt and all my Addons are unconfigured and a mess. What do you recommend? I also posted this question on our Discord server as well.

Not sure I can help much, but I use an UI addon called: Is: UI and there is a setting under profiles where, once I setup my basic configuration for my main character, I can therefore choose that profile for my alts. It depends upon the UI you use. As for Bliz basic, I’m not sure I’ve ever found a setting that does more than just make sure the same addons are selected for all characters, with a separate dropdown for individual characters where you can choose which addons are active for individual toons.

If you use a UI addon, check their profile settings to see if they have a way to make all setting the same. I do remember back when I was using Elvui that you could do this, but I’ve not used it in a long while so do not know what changes may have been made for that.

I think if you check online for the UI addon you are using (if you do), you can find instructions that should cover something like this.

Thanks! I am also going to look into the WTF folder and see about copying that over.

I actually did keep a copy of all three of my folders a week before the patch just in case. In fact I always keep a copy of them anyway in case something goes wrong. Once I have played comfortably for about 4-5 days with all the tweaks I want to make, I then log out and make copies of those folders and hang onto them. The easiest way to safeguard them is to put those three copies into a folder and put that folder on your desk top out of the way. That way you can always update your copies as you change things and reach a point where things are to your liking.

When the patch went live and I was able to get back into the game, I actually renamed the new Interface and WTF folders created by putting the word “new” in front of the name of each. Then before I closed out that WoW folder, I put a copy of each of the older file copies I had saved in place (just removed the word “copy”) making sure those older folders were named exactly as they should appear. In most cases just the WTF and Interface folders would be necessary to save.

I’ve actually deleted the cache multiple times when I’ve had in-game issues and just allowed the game to create a new one because something got corrupted. But I usually make sure I definitely have my WTF folder copied and saved no matter what.

If you open up the WTF folder, you can pull the account folder out of it separately and replace only that one inside the new WTF folder. After all, that has all your character listings, etc. in it.

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Check out this posting from juulz.

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This is great! Thank you so much!!!

Duplicating UI configurations between multiple characters is not as simple an undertaking as one might hope. This is the direct result of there being no real standardization to the format of configurations.

Some addons support profiles. This makes the job much easier as you can setup a profile and then simply use that profile for all your characters. These addons are the easiest to handle between characters.

Addons that do not provide profiles ban be a bit more of a pain. In this group of addons, configurations are handled in one of 4 ways.

  1. Single global configuration file. All settings are applied to all characters, can not be customized by character. (This would be something like weakauras or tellmewhen)
  2. Character specific configuration file. All settins are stored in a local configuration file specific to a character (WTF/Account/Server/Character/SavedVariables). In these cases, it is usually easy enough to just copy that file from 1 character to another.
  3. Single global config file that is formatted to differentiate between characters. This is an annoying configuration because the only way to duplicate settins is to know what part of the config you need to duplicate for a new character.
  4. Finally you will see addons that have a global configuration file (with character specific settins) as well as individual configuration file for each character. Thankfully these addons tend to be significantly larger and use profiles just as ElvUI.

Long story short, copying settings from character to character is more difficult than it really needs to be and will depend a lot on the addon you are specifically trying to copy. I personally recommend for most people who play a lot of toons is to find a prebuild addon suite like ElvUI and use that since almost everything needed for every day use is built in.

I’m in the ElvUI group myself. Most of my other addons have profiles built into the addon or simply don’t need them.

I’ve done this on many occasions and it was a lifesaver.

Thanks so much!

I’ll give that a try! Thank you!

I do minimal configuring when I make an alt. set dominoes profile, set sexy map to global profile, configure auction addons. thats pretty much it

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For settings, I haven’t come across any specific one, but if you want the same addons turned on for all of your alts, you can do it from the Character Select screen.

When you look at the addons there, any one with a gold check mark is active on all of your characters, and if it’s got a silver check mark, it’s only active on some. Be aware that if you set an addon as active on the Character Select screen, it’ll be active for all of your characters, so if you want to turn it off on a particular character (like your Rogue not needing HealBot), you’ll have to turn them off individually after said character has been logged into the game.

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I have 80 addons. Most of them have a Profile section. I make all my settings changes on the Default profile (create one if there isn’t one already) and then apply that profile to each character. I make sure that my keybinds are NOT set to be character specific. Other than fiddling with my chat window a bit, there’s really not much to do between characters.

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