Addon Error retail wow

This is all I have to go on to troubleshoot without going through my addons one at a time. Does anybody know what addon or add-ons might be causing this??

No picture visible for me.

572x Couldn't find inherited node: ItemButtonTemplate

Can you do a text search of your addon folder for “ItemButtonTemplate” and shoot me the results. It “shouldn’t” return many results. I can look at it and see if I can figure out what specifically is causing the issue.

I found it. it was an old addon called farmit.

Oh a guy on the wow forums said this:

Fizzlemizz :
ItemButtonTemplate was moved to an intrinsic so the template no longer exists.

Find the addon(s) trying to inherit ItemButtonTemplate (ie. search for “ItemButtonTemplate”) and:

If it used in an XML frame declaration (inherits=“ItemButtonTemplate”) then if it’s the only template inherited, delete the entire attribute or if not, just delete the template from the inherits list and replace the widget type (label that comes after the < (Frame, Button etc.)) with ItemButton .

If it is part of a CreateFrame call in lua, delete template (and any preceding comma) and replace the widget type (Frame, Button, etc.) that comes directly after CreateFrame( with ItemButton

it’s beyond me I’m afraid…lol

here’s the mod. It’s been discontinued but another user made a patch for legion but now it’s causing that error above.!ArXBYkP90eNAigqgg02N8u1jAO2u?e=fdWvBg

I found instructions from another user on how to fix it. They’re pretty straight forward. I’ll see if I can follow them.

ok I fixed the above error but now I have different ones…LOL It was a cool little addon.

That addon hasn’t been updated in a while. What are you using it for specifically? There may be an easier replacement rather than attempting to fix all the things that are now broken.

I add an item to the bar that I want to farm and it chimes when I get that item and tells me how many I have.

If its the same items consistently, you could achieve that same thing with a fairly simply weakaura. For example I have a weakaura on my herbalist that shows the specific number of each herb I have. Adding a sound or graphical cue when reaching a desired amount would be a fairly trivial addition.

hmmm I’ll check it out

This is an example of what my WAs look like for herbs. That number includes my bank and each has a standard tooltip for the item they represent.

cool I’l definatly check that out.