Additional trading guilds

So, I have noticed that I am limited to 30 items for sale (correct?). I am trying to get rid of a number of items (after the anniversary, I have a lot of motifs, etc.). Can anyone recommend a second trading guild I might want to join, even just for the short term?

Ska’yvn Exchange. Great group of folks. Easy weekly dues which you don’t pay if you sell. Seller is in Wayrest (Atin) so super easy to sell.

Feline Great Meowporium 2. Also, Unstable Unicorns. Both guilds have double traders up consistently. Very happy with both these trading guilds.

Thanks. Finally got into UU yesterday. So far so good.

I’ve been really pleased with Outlaw Merchant Society. No weekly dues, just activity.

So many Trading guilds out there
We do bid on 10 different locations every week and bids are over 700-760k a week

it’s getting harder and harder to compete with big Trading guilds because there are so many in the game
and members sell big items on their traders so we don’t make a high profit off our sales and we count on donations from members to keep the gold in the bank for bidding.

When talking to players about our guild I let them know we are not a Trading guild, but I do bid each week and we do keep a Merchant up most of the time, it maybe not in a prime location.
But there are plenty of guilds that just about the Trading and pay a few million a week just to keep a merchant up every week at a prime location.

We like to focus on the game content to have fun and explore the content.

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Thanks. And yes, I get how difficult it is. I’ve seen many of them have significant weekly dues (in addition to their share of the sales). I was in one and guess my sales were not significant enough to maintain membership and I was cut (despite there not being anything listed about minimums). They held an auction weekly to pay for their trader, and each lot was selling in the millions. It is a challenge as a newer returning player, in that I still need much of what I get in drops and my farming is usually for my own use. I sure don’t have millions lol I post what I can and hope for the best.

Wow Tess!

I didn’t realize that you were bidding on so many locations weekly. I will be contributing more each week as I really want the profit to stay with OTG, now that I am finally able to sell better stuff.
Thank you for everything that you do to keep OTG going!

once bidding is done and if we lose a bid on a location then gold is sent back to our guild bank so we dont lose the gold.
only gold that is removed is for the 1 winning bid

That is nuts! Even the remotely-placed vendors in the toolies are bid to the nines? The economy in the game has gone insane!