Achievement runs 7/24 and 7/31 - open to horde/alliance/friends


With my raiding group dropping to one night a week through at least the rest of the month, I’d like to try and get a group for achievements together on Sunday 7/24 and Sunday 7/31, from 8pm to 11pm Eastern time. The group would start with Castle Nathria achievement and then move into Sanctum of Domination achievements.

Whether you like achievements, want to get experience playing an alt, want to get a fight refresher before fated raids come out, or are just really bored, all are welcome so long as:

  • You have a minimum of 226 ilvl (which should be attainable by buying gear in ZM or questing there and will ensure that you are less likely to get oneshot during mechanics).
  • You promise to scan the fights or already be familiar with them beforehand to make sure that the group can progress somewhat smoothly.
  • You know how to move your character and hit the basic healy, tanky, or damagy buttons.

I’m making a calendar event for both nights. If in the horde guild, please just add yourself if you’re interested. If you’re not in the horde guild, please let me know you’re interested and what role you play (and if I can invite you to the calendar I will; dunno offhand if that works). I am really hoping we have a couple of folks who would be willing to tank and at least one other interested healer. If we don’t have tanks and healers, we may have to sadly stare at dps with off-specs until someone swaps, or risk dealing with achievement pugs.

For anyone who wants to prep before the runs: Glory of the Nathria Raider - Achievement - World of Warcraft and Glory of the Dominant Raider - Achievement - World of Warcraft.

I am not limiting the event to OTG members. If you have friends you can vouch for who are willing to follow the guidelines outlined above, they are welcome too.

If there are any questions or concerns please let me know.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I see what you did there…

After the last run, we debated running again this Sunday. I have determined that the TWBW raid team will be resuming raids during that time slot so there will not be achievements this week or in the near future. However, I will look into possibly running them on another night if there is enough interest a couple of months into the patch.

When achievements resume, we’ll return to Sanctum for the two we missed and then possibly Sepulcher before going back to older raids.

If passively interested, feel free to poke me and I will keep you updated. Otherwise, this topic can likely be closed; I’ll start a new one if we restart the runs.