Account Transfer happening From Kakao to Pearl Abyss

Notice if you ever played Black Desert Online and have an Account and don’t finish these steps by May 31 your account will be deleted off the NA servers.

Steps to complete the Transfer with some pics to help you along
Step 1
Login to game like normal
When you login to your Character a link will pop up on screen
Click Link in game get sent to Website - If you closed that you can go to the exit menu and click disconnect and it will be beside the window.

Click for Apply for Game Data Transfer

Choose link for Regular login site (Kakao Games)
Or Steam if you play though there - (not sure how different Steam steps are don’t play through there)

For Kakao instructions
Click Create Account button

You have option to Sign up for Pearl Abyss or link an Open ID to Login Via (Facebook/Google/Twitter)

For basic option Sign up
Get screen to accept Terms and Privacy
Click enter at bottom

Enter Email then create password and confirm it
Type in your name
enter birthdate
These cant be changes easy so make sure to get them right

You get a verification email sent to your email you have to click to verify your account within an hour of email
Click the link and email and it opens a page saying login email verification done

Login to the new PA login page
Then Login to the old BDO Black Desert link listed
The Acclaimed MMORPG | Black Desert Online

Click the Account Transfer button
Scroll down and should see a Prompt for both login areas - Click the one for new site

It will seem like you have to resart everything but dont stress click the Kako Games account button again
If it shows step 2 still needing to be done click login
Then click the Kako Games account button again and this time should show cleared Step 1-2

Clcik button for agree to the Transfer

It will bring you back to the old site and scroll done and it should show next and click it
Agree to transfer agreement
and Next

It should show you a breakdown of your toons, make sure they show up under NA and your family name
Click next

You will be sent to a screen for a Authentication code that is sent to your email
enter it and click confirm

You can click check status and see your confirmation that you completed.

If you run into issues where the Steps are not going they way you expect I would first the steps again in another Browser, Edge seems to work reasonably well for this task. Some people have had issues and just changing browser fixed it.

New Pearl Abyss login page for future use

Great… Pearl Abyss has one of those utterly pointless password requirement lists. lol