About the LOTRO Chapter Information category

OTG is on GLADDEN, the North American server. Most folks have only high level toons but they can, and do, help with lower level content if asked. Just know there are no specific low level groups running.

Who we Are
Our kinship is as social a group as you want them to be. We have grouping for all levels from the once a week static groups to weekly Open Group Events. Check the forums and the GLADDEN in-game Message of the Day. We offer help to our kin mates in all areas of the game; with adventuring, handouts (UFG = up for grabs), advice, crafting, and other functions via in-game chat or our OTG LOTRO forums.

Legendary Server- Anor
Our LOTRO chapter has a group on the Legendary server Anor. This group is NOT full time staffed like the featured chapter on Gladden. This group is operated like a General Games game with a member or two who are set to do invites.

The legendary server group has been disbanded.